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Saturday, 13 October 2012 | 23:20 | 0Comment

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So hello stalker . x

i forgot to update lastnight didnt i ? lol . baru dua hari ba . Dont blame me .. Something just happen lastnight .. and something will not be the same.. i can tell .. No more internet connection on my phone >:( and and i cant hangout anymore .. Seriously .. this is killing me .. i just lost my another half .. i just lost a part of my life! ugh .. this is so sad man .. so fcking sad .. yet .. still , i think it's better this way ... i should pelan2 kasih lost my addiction to sosial network and hanging . pffft .. 

aku sedar aku semakin drop dlm akademik ku . but what i did to improve it .. was nothing . all i do was just hanging .. onlining .. and more and more sleeping ... but thank god i have nobody to text to anymore . bhahaha . Terlebih enjoy . badass me .. akhir tahun baru insaf . Stupid me .. yes ... i know im dumb&stupid ... now stop saying im dumb .. i know what you're thinking! =.=

Btw, My sissy was having her final sem just now .. and wow .. straight A's .. woots! me sho jelly . Extremly .. why cant i be just like her ? why cant i be diligent ? >:( ugh .. im too lazy .. really! i mean it superb .. please god help me to be a hard-working girl like i used too ;( please god pleaseeee! T.T Bagus lah juga mom ku pun sedar .. jadi dia mula sdh ambil tindakan yang kejam! like ruining my life! bhahahaha . kejam you mom .. eee  :( no more internet on my phone . pfftt . selalunya kan mom yg bayar bulan2 internet di phone ku . aiya . asdfghjkll!!! breath Apriil breathe .. stay calm!! dwegc;il hwrftbolgw3lrtp31;cpt7r!

aku mahu berubah . aku nda mau malas-malas sudah . Semakin hari aku semakin KA dgn mom . aku nda mau itu . aku mesti pndai kawal diri ku . and pray always agar dpat hindari dari segala kerasukan =.=  ugh .. 

I cannot change yesterday. I can only make the most of today and look with hope toward tomorrow. I should just accept what i can't change, and change what i can't accept. I hate being so insecure! and having no self esteem but then again it's never going to change.  Still ... Yes . Yes i should change . x