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Judgemental Much}
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 | 07:15 | 0Comment

Straight to the point la kan... Like damit! How i hate humans nowadays... Geez.. Specially on social networks or even my own friends.. What's with the judgemental thing? Dui . Please la people ..  Kamu pula yang sakit hati kan dengan apa yang kami buat or  apa yang kami pakai or whatever lah .. Kalau yang strangers yang judge sya.. I'm okay with that . Tapi ini ni , yang selalu tegur saya. Ish. Jangan baik di depan seja ba. Word sometimes do hurt you know that? I even ody try my fvcking best to not give a damn about what you fake people said and will say. Tapi makin hari makin banyak pula sdah judger . I'm sorry but i just can't help myself.

The thing is, until you've lived my life and until you've been through what i've been through. Don't judge me. Don't judge everything i wear or what i do.

Still, in the end. You guys will still judge me for posting this post. Hahh bloody hell. Ok. Sure. whatever. Suit yourself.