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Thursday, 2 May 2013 | 08:04 | 0Comment

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It has been a while i know, 

It's the most stressful weeks. I barely sleep at night. Studying for the last minute. But seriously works all the way. I hope so la. Hmp. 

School. Not really into that places. I really hope that i can just skip school and go to the part when i becme a princess. Lol. 

Class? I hate that shit. Never been attached to my classmates since last year or never. The fact that some of them are acting completly stupilly dumb just to fit in are so pathetic. I've tried my best to like you guys but everyday seems so worthless for you to show me that you deserve to be treated sincerely by me. Not everyone la. Just some of them. I don't care if they fell the same way about me. I don't need them to be happy.. *flips hair*

About my team .. hmm.. seems like they're are fading away ;( they're living on their own way now. *sigh*

You know what guys... I think I got myself a new crush now :c I like him like crazeeyy but not that like him love him la. Just a crush. aihs. so attrractive sia. Sakit juga hati sa if he's hanging with other girls. Omgah. so hurt T_T Liking someone that dont deserve you. aihs. what can i say. Im an ugly princess. Im used to that. 

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I feel lonely again. I tried to avoid it.
I'm not overthinking things,
just the things that i'm unsure of.
I need a breathing punching bag for the moment,
something to hurt, and cry
and feel the way i feel inside,
it would be nice to know
that i'm not not as alone as i feel.
I'm angry. I'm okay because i'm writing.
I'm not okay.
But i never do anything about it.
Does that make me as fake as everyone else around me?